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Thursday, May 9, 2013

X Ray 25

A 21yr old female presented to our opd with pain in the left hip.
She was operated about 5 yrs back for ? hip# and subsequently after about 2 years the implant was removed.

The present x ray is posted above.
past records are not presented in this visit.

What is your  diagnosis?

How would you like to manage this patient?


  1. Fibrous dysplasia

    Wait till she develops any symptoms. May be she needs hip joint replacemetn in future.

  2. presently give analgesics and bisphosphonates , if pain still not subsided remove the decesed tissue fill it with bone graft ,correct if any LLD , DEFORMITY that may be the cause of pain if its very evere, already there is mild degenerative hip so future replacement required