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Friday, February 8, 2013

X ray 24

A 40 year old male presented with history of injury to left foot 2 years back due to fall of heavy object on his foot, then he was diagnosed to have a fracture of 2nd metatarsal of the foot and was treated conservatively.
Subsequently he developed swelling in the foot which is insiduos in onset and gradual in progression which attained to the present size.

He presented to our op with complaints of swelling since 2 years and pain since about 2months.

What is your radiological  diagnosis?
How would you like to treat for that diagnosis?


  1. osteolytic lesion of the 2nd mt with pathological fracture and corical breech mr images showing radiohpo intense mass extending plantar and dorsal directions and destructioion of second MT also seen heteogenous in appearance
    outgrowth so some malignant bone tumor esp in this age ..........