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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Xray of the week‎ case: 3 (UPDATED)

A55 year old man presented to Emergency OPD with complaints of pain in his Rt hip region since last 2 months swelling in his hip and Rt lower limb since last one week.

HOPI: Patient was alright 2 months back  when he gives history of fall n injury to Rt hip region.Patient was able to get up and bear weight over his Rt lower limb following the event. patient is experiencing pain in his right hip since the event which was mild aching to start which gradually progressed to present severe excruciating pain.
Pain is associated with swelling initially localized to Rt hip region which progressed to entire Rt Lower limb
Patient is unable to walk and bear weight on his right lower limb, sit crossed leg and squat since 1month
History of fever on and off since 1 month which is high grade not associated with chills and rigors,
no h/o diurnal variations, or no h/o periodicity
No h/o weight loss

Whats ur Dx??

Biopsy report awaited

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  1. Such a short duration and so much destruction could happen in Infections/Vascular lesions/Tumours. Since there is acetabular involvement as well, infection is more likely. Please update after the biopsy report.