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Saturday, October 13, 2012

X ray 22

Patient came walking to ER with history of injury to right leg the same day. past history of injury to the same leg about 3 years back..on examination no abnormal mobility.
how would you manage this case..


  1. Radiograph shows hyper trophic non union. Hence the statement of "no abnormal mobility" may be the result of inadequate examination. There mus be mobility in some direction on extreme force. Patient came waling means there is no fresh fracture. The soft tissue swelling is not significant compared to the amount of comminution, if it were to be a fresh facture. Hence the treatment depends on his abilities and disabilities prior to the recent injury and his requirements.

  2. its a hypertrophic non union as there might be history of massage and inadequate immobilization,or it might be a pseudo arthrosis.he definately need intervention preferably,ring fixator.