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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

X Ray of the week #11

Patient 40 yr Old male presented in emergency hours immediately following trivial fall with the above X ray.
Patient denies any history of previous fall or injury to the same limb in the past.

Whats your Radiological diagnosis??

Significant findings are
Thicknening of lower end of humerus and proximal ulna
Non tender

FFD of 30deg with further flexion possible upto 100 deg
Pronation upto 45 deg
Supination upto 40 deg


  1. Radiologically arthritis is present with some distortion of the upper end of radium and ulna. Could be some type of healed childhood infection, since it is non tender. Small pox usually ends in bony ankylosis. What about other joints? Some patients may not notice 30deg FFD as a disability at all and they think it is normal for them since the deficite is from childhood. Some wasting is also expected. Please comment about other clinical findings like muscles and skin.

  2. Other joints are clinically normal sir..
    There is no gross wasting in the rt upper limb muscle groups..