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Saturday, October 15, 2011

X Ray of the week Case: 2

Ten years old female child came to OPD along her mother with the complaints of swelling over the back of the thigh since 6 months,
Patient feeling inconvenience when squatting as the mass is hindering with the flexion and some times patient is feeling as she is falling due to sudden restriction of knee movement on climbing, getting down of stairs.
No history of pain, trauma or fever.
No history of similar swellings on other sides.
Non tender, with no local rise of temperature,Single, sessile, bony hard swelling along posterior aspect of the thigh region.
5/5 cms.,  non tender, immobile with no change of size and shape on muscle contractions.
No change in position with movements of the nearby joints.
Smooth surface with  well defined margins.
Mechanical obstruction for complete flexion of the knee joint.
Whats ur Dx?

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